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“Who you were yesterday is gone forever. It’s who you are today that decides what shoes you’ll be walking in tomorrow. Choose wisely.”

— Catrina Hemker

Why Buy Original Art?

Investing in Artists

Investing in Artists ~ Rebekah Joy Plett

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You Never Get to Nirvana

“Something like art is a little bit like the donkey and the cart — and the artist never reaches the carrot — you never get to Nirvana, it’s not possible — because your concept, your ambition is always greater than what you’re able to achieve. You’re trying to, in a sense, imitate God, because you’re trying to be creative…”

~Sean Scully
Sean Scully Nirvana video link

Sean Scully Nirvana video link

I really have a problem with never feeling satisfied with what I’ve created and I appreciate hearing an accomplished artist such as Sean Scully essentially saying that I’m trying to do something that isn’t possible. I need to stop being so disappointed in what I didn’t achieve and see the virtue or merit in what I did create.

I’ve often wished I could see my paintings through someone else’s eyes. What does it really look like? What does another person see without knowing what I was shooting/hoping for and without my list of “that line isn’t straight, that color isn’t dark enough, why didn’t I think of x, y or z, oh there’s a scratch—damn, etc.” running through their head.

Obviously, I’ll never know, but my goal now is to start to show some kindness to the things I make and stop seeing them as something that fell short of the mark. If I don’t, I’ll never go anywhere with this because it will become so disappointing the joy will be sucked out of it. It would be like telling your child they’re a worthless waste of oxygen their whole life and then wondering why they never amounted to anything as an adult.

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