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Micro Torch for Encaustics

After my show in April of 2012 the amount of work that my design business had increased significantly. This took up so much time I was unable to do much painting for the majority of 2012 and I’m hoping there will be more balance in 2013. Now I’m not saying I minded making enough money to pay my bills, of course that was great, but I really miss the feeling and creative outlet that I can only get from painting.

One thing I seemed to do a lot of was experiment with techniques and various tools. I was given the Bernzomatic Micro Torch kit which I have had a lot of fun with.

Here’s something I like doing with it. Melting hundreds of small spots, it takes forever on large pieces and can cause physical strain if you don’t give yourself breaks (I tend to forget breaks), but it is also somewhat meditative which I find to be the case with much of what I do with encaustic.

Convergence, encaustic and mixed media on panel, 24 x 24 x 1.5"

Convergence, encaustic and mixed media on panel, 24 x 24 x 1.5″


Why Buy Original Art?

Investing in Artists

Investing in Artists ~ Rebekah Joy Plett

Prints of this quote are available here:  Invest in Artists

You Never Get to Nirvana

“Something like art is a little bit like the donkey and the cart — and the artist never reaches the carrot — you never get to Nirvana, it’s not possible — because your concept, your ambition is always greater than what you’re able to achieve. You’re trying to, in a sense, imitate God, because you’re trying to be creative…”

~Sean Scully
Sean Scully Nirvana video link

Sean Scully Nirvana video link

I really have a problem with never feeling satisfied with what I’ve created and I appreciate hearing an accomplished artist such as Sean Scully essentially saying that I’m trying to do something that isn’t possible. I need to stop being so disappointed in what I didn’t achieve and see the virtue or merit in what I did create.

I’ve often wished I could see my paintings through someone else’s eyes. What does it really look like? What does another person see without knowing what I was shooting/hoping for and without my list of “that line isn’t straight, that color isn’t dark enough, why didn’t I think of x, y or z, oh there’s a scratch—damn, etc.” running through their head.

Obviously, I’ll never know, but my goal now is to start to show some kindness to the things I make and stop seeing them as something that fell short of the mark. If I don’t, I’ll never go anywhere with this because it will become so disappointing the joy will be sucked out of it. It would be like telling your child they’re a worthless waste of oxygen their whole life and then wondering why they never amounted to anything as an adult.

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